I am Dr.Madhumita Das Mazumdar, MD (O&G) and I am a Senior Consultant Gynecologist of Guwahati, Assam, India.

I worked as a Senior Gynecologist at the Marwari Maternity Hospital, an 80-bedded charitable private hospital at Guwahati in north east India for more than twelve years immediately after obtaining my MD (O&G) Degree.

I am now a Senior Consultant Gynecologist at the SM Polyclinic, as well as the Aries Online and O&G Clinic at Guwahati .

I now have more than two decades of experience in obstetrics and gynecology.

I started this website, www.gynaeonline.com, as an Online Consultation Office, to reach out to other people on the net - answering their queries, helping them to understand whatever medical condition they may be suffering from and offering a second opinion where needed.

Besides this website, I also run another website, www.breastcancertreatment.in with Dr. Kishore Kumar Das, MBBS, DLO, MD. I am also a Women's Health Expert as well as a Medical Health Expert at Justanswer.com.

If this is your first visit to my website, please feel free to go through any of the articles here - I have based them mainly on the textbooks I studied for my postgraduate course. All the articles havd been updated with newer treatment protocols wherever necessary.

I have also based recent data on the website of the World Health orgnisation. I hope you are helped by the information provided.

While the articles are freely available, online consultation carries a fee of $20 for each question.

If you would like to ask a question about your health, or would like more clarification about anything or simply want a second opinion about a diagnosis you have received, please click the link below:

Please note that the information in this website is an educational resource. All decisions about any treatment you need must be made in consultation with your doctor or your healthcare provider who has examined you. Since I have not seen you personally, I cannot diagnose and treat you nor prescribe medicines for you.

I am available for consultation at the following clinics:

Aries Obgyn Clinic

House No 7, 'Neria House',
Trinayan Path,
Near CID Office,
Opp Ascent Academy
Beltola Tiniali, Guwahati-781028
Assam, INDIA
Phone - +919864097234
Consultation Hours:
11am-1.00 pm: Daily
4pm-6pm - Daily .

Sunday Closed

Websites: Gynaeonline.com

Online Consultation

Daily at any hour. Replies are given within 24 hours. Click the link below for a consultation.

Do you have a gynecological or obstetrical problem? Would you like to discuss it in private? Consult our online gynecologist Dr.M.D.Mazumdar, MD (O&G), at any time you want and get your reply within 24 hours.We charge a nominal fee of USD 20 ($20) per question through Paypal.com.

The procedure of asking a question is quite simple. Clicking on the link below takes you to the Paypal website where the payment is made. After the payment goes through, you will be directed back to this website where you can ask your question. And rest assured, you will get your answer within 24 hours. And usually, even sooner.